Versopolis: autores portugueses em destaque

Alexandre Cortez (músico e director d’A Palavra, fundador da Lisbon Poetry Orchestra, Poetry Ensemble, Wordsong, Rádio Macau, entre muitos outros) e José Anjos (poeta e músico, membro da Lisbon Poetry Orchestra e do Poetry Ensemble) são os autores em destaque na Versopolis.

Numa semana em que a poesia portuguesa está em foco na plataforma europeia, os dois autores contribuíram com ensaios em que reflectem sobre a performance e criação poética. Intitulados “The Power of the Word” e “Wings of Cesariny”, respectivamente, estão disponíveis para consulta nos links abaixo, ou no site da Versopolis.

  • “The Power of the Word” (Alexandre Cortez): “Throughout the history of humanity, poetry has been a vehicle for the transmission of emotions but also philosophical, religious and political ideas, leaving us a faithful civilisational portrait that nowadays allows us a better understanding of our evolution as a species. This article addresses the importance of poetic performance and its potential as a creative logos in the various artistic disciplines that use the word as a driving force.” 
  • “Wings of Cesariny” (José Anjos): “No one writes alone. One can even write for nobody, but nobody writes from nothing. And the place where one writes is not empty: an invisible inheritance moves our hand and drives us. That hand bears many names and drives us in what we write and in what we read. Because in order to write, one must read.”